• with all the hustle & bustle of city life, it becomes easy to forget who you are.

    ( above frame taken from the film On The Silver Globe // Dir. Andrzej Zulawski )

  • last week, I had the pleasure of working with OMG! Cameras Everywhere! for the 2nd year in a row, and every year the group of kids we teach always refresh/inspire my creativity with their insane visions. I also had the pleasure of creating a music video for Taking Back Sunday, who were the first band I saw live way back when I was a wee lil lad. get ready for my main man Govan’s break out performance in this video, the kid’s going to need an agent after this one…

  • HOME

    Kodak 100D Super 8 film // 7285

    (R.I.P you beautiful stock, there will never be another reversal quite like you…)

  • just the keys…

    a film by Ian Perlman
    magical fingers provided by Steve Marion
    from BEYOND THE DRONE by Saint Rich

  • if time stood still, i’d blog about it. or should i say, tumble for it?

    anywho, above is as truest color true can be, and i’ll start getting intimate with you again by posting personal work here more often.

  • is it sad that this image made me say “oh baby”…

    can’t wait to put all 2048 MB / 256-bit GDDR5

    6008 MHz (effective, best believe) of ya into my Mac Pro tomorrow. dusted her off yesterday, kicked FCP to the curb, and just can’t wait to ride that CREATIVE CLOUD.

  • i enjoy creating music videos…
    this is so you know the love i have is REEL

  • .sup interwebz, miss me?

    just tryin’ to be a Hiro and stay productive before 2014. cheers to that.

  • this past weekend, i directed a live session with Widowspeak for The Wild Honey Pie’s “Summer Camp”.

    i see me filming, do you?

    (gif by Katarina Hybenova)

  • what is Diiv?

    should i tumble?

    where should this go?

    where do i go?

    please let me know.

  • tomorrow, my music video for “Together/Never” will appear on Vevo. hopefully you will stumble upon it durring your day, at which point, i ask that you forget your worries for 3 1/2mins and try and recall your earliest memory. think, between the age of 2-5, where were you? what year was it? were you happy?

    for now, enjoy this screen grab of Brad and the gang rAwKiN’ owt on a weird circle on a roof in the square for MTV. his wonderful paisley dress is sure to make any Greifinger’s day.

    do you.